YAll Come

It’s no secret that St. John congregation loves to sing! Our largest and most important choir is the congregation, but other groups of singers help to introduce new music and support the singing of hymns and liturgy. While school and church groups rehearse regularly, ad-hoc groups are open invitations to join in the song and are limited in their duration.

Rehema Kavugha is the Y'All Come director for October 26!

Rehema Kavugha was the Y’All Come director October 26!

Can I be part of the “y’all” in “Y’All Come”?
Silly question – yes! Y’all is an inclusive term that is intended to make you feel welcome to participate. Though y’all is most frequently used in the southern United States, we Nebraskans feel it’s a great word to associate with community singing.

How do I find out about these opportunities?
Cantor Soulek uses e-mail, social media, and texting to spread the word. “Like” our St. John Music page on Facebook or send Cantor Soulek your contact information to make sure you’re notified. Tell him whether you’d like to be informed via e-mail or texting. Members of regularly meeting adult choral and instrumental groups always receive an e-mail blast when Y’All Come opportunities occur.

But I want to see the music ahead of time!
We were hoping you’d say that! We do our best to include music and practice recordings on our Y’All Come Prepare Page. We hope you’ll look over the music in advance since rehearsal time will most likely be limited. Since we don’t want everyone in the world printing off copyrighted music, we only share the password to the Prepare Page with those on our notify list.