Tuesday, February 17, 2015 ~
check out the poster here

6 p.m. Potluck meal in the St. John fellowship hall

6:45 p.m. Community singing (also in the fellowship hall)

This event will explore singing in several American traditions, utilizing hymns from The Sacred Harp and other resources. Many familiar hymns (like Amazing Grace and Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus) come from this collection. Find out more about Sacred Harp singing here.

But wait – there’s more! African American spirituals (Go Down, Moses; Standin’ in the Need of Prayer…), F. Melius and more will make an appearance!


Questions you may ask…

Am I part of the community?
Yes! This is like our “Y’all Come” opportunities – if you can read this invitation, you are welcome to attend!

Do I have to pay something, join an organization, or forward this to 10 people in order to attend?
No! The only motive behind this event is singing and enjoying fellowship together. No pyramid-scheme tactics will be used. All music is provided. Free.

I want to see the music ahead of time!
No. (Please take that the nicest way possible.) This is a very low-pressure, low-stress environment. Community singing doesn’t require perfection, just a willing spirit. Sometimes singing together is messy, but we’ll unpack things together during our hour of music making, then “perform” it for ourselves at the end.

How does a potluck work?
We provide table service (plates, napkins, flatware) and beverages. You provide a dish to share – either a salad, main dish, or dessert.

How long will it last?
We should be all wrapped up by 8 p.m.

I have another question that I want answered! How can I ask it?
Cantor Soulek would love to answer your question! Text or call 402-643-5863 or e-mail

“Our singing does not just express what we feel or mean, but we sing truthful words that teach us to mean what they say.” -Marva Dawn