What should I wear?

Blue jeans, business casual, or a tuxedo. While the singers will be sporting their wonderful burgundy tour shirts and stunning khakis or black pants, we’re more interested in you attending than what you happen to wear. Thanks for asking!

A hymn festival? What’s that?

Well, it’s a festival of hymns. (Sorry for the evasive answer!) While concerts are more entertainment-oriented (sit back and enjoy the show…), a hymn festival is participation-oriented, and relies upon the choir and the gathered assembly to work together. Don’t let the word “hymn” scare you too much – they’re old and new, borrowed and blue (or burgundy), and we sing them to hear of God’s love for us in Christ. Some may have been written hundreds of years ago by German dudes, and some were written within the past weeks or months.

Is YMT traditional? Is it contemporary?

YES! YMT hymn festivals are traditional because they celebrate the rich music and theology that has come down through the centuries. The festivals are contemporary in the sense that they are happening now and making use of newly written music with varied instrumentation. While it might be easy to be engrossed in the novelty of guitars, organs, voices, and drums, we seek to unite the family of God in worship that rises above stylistic preferences and points to Christ and His gifts!