Baptism of Our Lord

Q: I see we celebrate “The Baptism of Our Lord” today.  Why was Jesus baptized?

A: Well, why are we baptized?  Before baptism, we are sinners enslaved to the Law, separated from God.  In baptism, God drowns our old sinful self (the Old Adam), sets us free from the Law, and makes us His children!

Jesus didn’t need to be baptized like we do: He was perfect to begin with, He had never been a slave to the Law, and He was God’s only begotten Son!  No, Jesus wasn’t baptized because He needed it; Jesus was baptized because we needed it.  In the waters of baptism, He took our place so that, through His death and resurrection, we could take His place.

Now when God looks at us in the waters of baptism, He doesn’t see filthy sinners.  Instead, He sees His very own Son, Jesus!  What could be a greater cause for celebration?!